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  • No Access To Credit For Small Business: Report

    Ready access to financing is the lifeblood of most small businesses. Yet the National Small Business Association reports that many small business owners are not getting access to the credit they need. According to the NSBA’s 2013 Mid-Year Economic Report, “Today, just 65 percent of small businesses report they are able to obtain adequate financing, down from 73 percent just six months ago.”

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  • Paychex-IHS Small Business Jobs Index Shows Labor Mar...

    Paychex CEO Martin Mucci introduces the Paychex/IHS Small Business Jobs Index and its findings and employment trends. The index is a monthly measure of change in small business in the U.S. Mucci explains the Index for March remained at a peak, following sharp gains in January and February. The Mountain Region is leading year-over-year small business employment gains and produced the second-fastest all-employer job growth in the the nation in 2013, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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